Monday, May 23, 2011

19. Cook

19. Cook


Its been a week here in Coleraine, and I’ve managed to accomplish another thing on my wish list, and that is to COOK! Yeay!! Been doing that every single day ever since we arrived lol. Here’s how the menu looks like for the past week.

Sunday: Sardine + Rice + Potato Salad

Monday: Nasi Goreng + Serunding + roti nutella

Tuesday: Nasi Goreng + Stir fried Pak Choy

Wednesday: Nasi Goreng + Sup sayur

Thursday: Pizza + Broccoli Soup + French Fries

Friday: Potato Curry + Rice + digestive cookies

Saturday: Potato Curry + Sayur kobis + Telur dadar

Sunday: Rice + Sup Sayur + fried potato with egg and serunding haha!

Monday: Nasi goreng + sambal terung! :D + pancakes

And tomorrow, masak gulai udang pula hehe! Hehe Memang veggy habes la kan lol.. and surprisingly seeedaaaap everyday lol.. okay, except for the frozen tesco pizzas, but yang lain, sedaap! :D But its alright, I’m surviving. Although I think to accomplish no 15 on the wish list would be a wee bit hard now.. A LOT hard! hahahaha