Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post Relationship Syndrome

It is surely funny how everything happens at the same friggin’ time huh? Lol. For the past two days, I’ve had three similar cases reporting the same kind of post relationship syndrome. It’s the syndrome where you act like you’re over the other someone, but deep down, you couldn’t really let it go. Ring any bells? :P

Here’s how I see it. When a relationship is over, you’d be of the either two. The dumper, or the one who gets dumped. I’ve been in both positions, and no matter where you are, you can never run from feelin’ not good about it. That’s understandable. And then there’ll be a period of hatred or frustration, where you can’t stand to be around or even reminded of each other. You’ll keep telling yourself how much you hate this other person, how disgusted you are with him or her, or how perfect your life is without each other, when deep deep down, you know that ain’t the whole truth.

And then you’ll haf futes. And in these futes, you’ll always be wanting to WIN all the time, especially when you’re the one who has gotten him or herself dumped, especially when YOU’re the one who’s not over things. U’ll always wanna be the one who has the last word at things, the one who says the most nastiest things, when truth is, u hated the fact that this particular person can make u feel so stupid, you hated the fact that this particular person could take u for granted, you’re afraid to accept the fact that you’ve lost. That there’s nothing you can do about things, and that you have to move on.

And after that, you’ll be exploring options. Options to actually move on.. and when you’re ready, you will. And whatever happened before became like a plastic bag in the waters, floating without any purpose, but still lingers around to remind us of its presence. Normal, ordinary cycle I’d say.

Out of the whole process yea, the funniest and stupidest phase would be the futes. You’d be either of the two; the one who’s making good progress of trying to let go, OR the one whos lagging behind. Okay la, nak bergaduh tu boleh la kan. The one yang tak bley let go ni laa yang would be at his or her most ridiculous state. I’ve been there before, and I’m brave enough to admit that I was acting rather ridiculous.

I kept on wanting to pick on fights, I kept on bringing things up so that there’ll always be somethin’ new, like a refresh button, kept wanting to be reminded of things, when truth is, you’re just afraid to let it fade away.. Fine. And I think the ones who are lagging behind should be allowed to throw a fit! I mean, come on, u’re hurt! The other party should be decent enough to just let the other one throw whatever considering the damage they made to the other person. Kan? And I’m glad my recent ex allowed me to do so just fine. I do feel I had the rights to be as much of a nuisance as I can towards him during those times after what he had done and after what he had put me through. He wouldn’t deny this himself. He better not lol.

TAPI, part yang LAGI TAK BLEY BLAAA, is when this particular group of people actually moves on, and kali pihak lagi satu tu yang konon dah made progress tetibe datang balek carik pasal. Alhamdulillah, one thing that’s good about my recent ex, is that he just let me be, or at the very least, he didn’t bother me much. I’m not sure why it became easily that way, it could either be him acting as a very matured person to know whats right and whats not, OR that he hated me that much to not be associated with me in any way, OR it didn’t really matter to him. Either way, I couldn’t care any less, as long as I’m living a happy life, and he is, too. Alhamdulillah :) But bagi cases yang tak macam ni, I have one question. Why??? Huhu

Bende dah settle kot, org tu dah move on. Kenapa kene carik pasal lagi? Biasa laa number korang kene delete, biasala korang dikutuk, biasala korang kene ignored, biasala email or text korang tak direply, its part of the whole letting go process. U’ve caused damage, u gotta live with the consequences la. U’re the one yang dah let go semua kan… napa salah bagi the other party to do the same or wanting to do the same?? Kenapa kene tulis all these bad things on your blog about your ex when everything is over? Kenapa kene put up nasty statuses lagi when everything is over? Kenapa kene hantar a hate e-mail, reminding the other party all over again of what had happened? Why??

Ke sebab… KORANG SEBENARNYA yang tak move on lagi?? If that’s the case, fine lagi laa.. but have the decency to lower your ego, and accept that huhu.. ORRR Ke sebab you can’t accept the fact that the attention ain’t towards you guys anymore? Ke sbb you can’t accept the fact that it ain’t about YOU anymore? If that’s the case, Pergh, selfish gilaa.. Apa masalah korang? Lol one word for ya, PATHETIC. Could u guys make my life easier, by actually getting a life??

Hahaha here you are, telling everybody you care less about this particular person when the root of you being all mad is because he or she didn’t reply your text, or they deleted your number, or they did something in the past which you’ve claimed you’ve let it go but u kept on bringing it up. Care LESS ke tu? DO you even know the meaning of ‘not caring’? lol. Yes, I’m particularly mad at people macam ni. Lagi2 bila dia berlagak bagos.. pergh, macam nak tarikk je hidung tu sampai putus huhu..

I’m sorry if im portraying myself as someone who’s boastful, or macam baguss je at the moment, but I am not happy with these kind of situations, especially when it involves people who are close to me. Bengang jugak laa huhu.. and theres no other perfect way to rant about it than here in this blog lol :D

If this is happening to you, please please please do a self-check and ask yourself, have you actually moved on? If not, find ways to do so, ways that won’t bother the other party. After the hurt that you’ve put him or her through, you wouldn’t wanna cause anything dah, right? Take the higher road.. There’s a lot more to worry about, or to think about. If you have actually moved on, then stop being an arse, and ACT LIKE YOU HAVE. After this whole turmoil, u’ll come to a point where you feel indifferent about everything. No likeness, no sadness, not even hatred. When that happens, you’ll know you’ve successfully let things go, you’ve moved on. And when that happens, you’ll be free of all the shitty post relationship syndrome, ready to embark on a new chapter of life. and thats when you'll see me at the other end, holding two thumbs up shouting, "Hooooooray!! Good on ya mate!" :D

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