Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the mood to bust hard beats with em eardrums of yours? :Db

Am in that kind of mood again lol, and i've discovered pretty good beats lately, especially after they kept their boombox on in the lab. If you say life in the lab is stressful, not this lab alright, and its the 2nd best biomedical sciences faculty in the UK, after Imperial College.. Kicked Oxford's pretty ass to number 5 lol!! Anywho, enjoy! oh btw, if you're lookin' for luvey duvey, sweet lovin', laid back songs, you got the wrong post lol ;)

"Cause i dont have the time, and i dont have the patience"


"You keep on talking, but it makes no sense at all"

"This right here i swear will end too soon"

"I like my beats fast, and my bass down lowwwW"


"Sweeeet sensation!!"

And that should be it fer now.. enjoy! ;)

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