Friday, May 20, 2011


Phewh, I just go back from a morning jog, and it was friggin’ AWE-splend-ificent!!! I finally got to sweat!! Hahahahha it was just me, the rabbits, and the lovely sun. You know how HARD it is to get QUALITY TIME with the sun here? Two words fer ya, VERY and HARD! It rains like every 5 minutes, and the clouds are sooo effin’ thick, I’ve never seen such thick clouds in my whole entire life! I surely miss Malaysia’s heat alright, the ONLY TWO MONTHS where I’ll be missing it lol!

Newho, I think I owe you guys part two, no? Yes, I didn’t forget : ) There’s a lot that I’d like to say in part two. Thank goodness my brain is not connected to this blog alright, or else you’ll be getting pages and pages of posts every 5 minutes! Lol. But here, I’d just like to talk about the people, and how different they are back in Malaysia.

When you go to different places yea, what really makes it different, truly, would be the people. Its been a week here in Coleraine, and I think I’ve said more ‘hellos’ and ‘hyes’ here than a month in Malaysia. Everybody greets everyone, regardless of who you are. Najwa and I would always take a 7km walk to town every evening after class, and there’ll be people in cars, honking and wave a hello. Kalau kat Malaysia, mmg macam meluat la kan, ngan mat rempit suit2 semua hahaha, but these people aren’t like that. They have families in the car, and they still do it ya know. So you know they have good intentions deep down, ain’t like them rempits. And as walk down the roads, whenever we bump into anyone, they’d say acknowledge us and say hello. Its lovely really, you feel so welcomed.

Yesterday, was our first day of shopping, unofficially, and from past experience in the UK, I brought Najwa to the charity stores, where you can get coats for like 4 pounds. Memang rambang mata weyyy!! Hahaha Najwa bought 3 coats and a pair of pants for less than 20 pounds, can you imagine that? And 3 coats ni bukan laa calang2 punya coats kay.. ZARA kot.. There was a Zara, and a gap. Dude, 20 pounds would be 100 in Malaysia, and I can assure u, ONE zara coat ni kat Malaysia would easily cost you RM200 bahaha mana tak rambang mata? Memang la they’re used items, but like, they’re in good condition, why not kan?? After that, we went to ‘Peacock’, and everything was at half its original price. Dah laa the prints are lovely, and memang Najwa’s and my kind of style. Gahh everything was like 4 pounds, 5 pounds.. goodness… hahaha okay, i know this paragraph ain’t about people, but like, I just HAFTO HAFTO blog it ya know.. lol.. But just to do the topic justice, there was a nice lady in the charity stores who was sooo soo friendly. All of them were really, but this one was a lil bit extra friendly. She was tellin’ us about this motorbike race this weekend, and although her irish accent was very thick and she was speakin’ very fast, and we couldn’t understand half of the things she said (hahaha!) but she’s lovely. And as we were walking to another store, we met up with this Chinese dude we bought internet cable from two days ago, and he offered to buy us coffee. That was nice, too. Oh I love the people here. Everybody is so nice. And I’ve yet to talk about the cab drivers, the professors, the students here.. simply lovely. Coleraine is basically a small town, where everybody is just lovely and nice to each other, plus the lovely scenery and the peaceful environment.. gahh.. MasyaAllah, I’m in love :)

Oh Najwa is out of the toilet now, and I better get ready for class. You guys have a nice Friday now, tomorrow’s the bike race.. I can’t wait! :D and oh, I heard Pirates of the Carribean is out today in Malaysia huh? I wanna go watch!! T_T lol.. toodles~

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