Monday, May 16, 2011

First Days

First days are always memorable. I remembered my first day of primary school in Taman Melawati , 15 years ago. I was so excited then, that I didn’t even have the time to think about being nervous. Yup, been a nerd ever since I was young, and was born to love school lol. And throughout the whole day of me being all happy and excited in class, my dad, as worried as a father could be towards his daughter’s first day of formal school, he parked his car right next to my classroom, on the other side of the fence, found himself a spot where he could squat down (unfortunately by the drain), and waited there the whole day until I finish my class. Somewhere in the middle of the day, I noticed my dad was there. I went out, and asked him why he was there. He said to wait for me. And I actually told him to go home lol :P That was something.

Of course, not all first days come easy. My first day of school at the ‘concrete jungle’ was a bit awkward. By then, I’ve learned and understood fairly clear what and how it is to be nervous, thus I was a bit of that. When Ms Pollack introduced me to the whole class, I’m not even sure if I even gave out a smile. Pretty shy and timid when I was a young girl, really. The first friend I made was Maurel Clark. He was super nice that he really took care of me (we were 10 back then). He brought me to the lunch room, he put down my chair for me, introduced me to the whole class. But I was culture shocked by how guys could be so nice to you there I guess, that I took it the wrong way. Yup, I felt uncomfortable about it, and felt that he was a bit too clingy that I stuck out my tongue at him on the second day and we sorta became not close nemore eversince lol! (Don’t worry, I did apologize for it the next day I think :P).

Secondary school didn’t amuse me much on the first day. Considering the fact that I didn’t take my UPSR, they put me in class K out of the range of A to M. But I did remember quite clearly how this one kid in my class was good looking. His name was Raja somethin’ I couldn’t remember lol! He was elected as class monitor that day, and try to guess who became his assistant? Moi! Lol! :P But after 2 months of school, he moved to another school, and that was the end of the Raja period lol! :P

First day of Matriculation was THE WORST. Not that it was a horrid place or nething, no. But it was just. TOO. FAR. AWAY. Hahahaha anak manja huh? It was that, and the fact that I couldn’t understand 50% of what the kids there were talking about considering they’re from the northern parts of Malaysia. I was crying constantly. And when I say constantly, I DO MEAN constantly. But then, things started to look up pretty good fer me after a session of English class, which made a specific someone noticed me, and approached me. After that, I got to know we had kinda a number of things in common. Things that I’ve yet to find in common with anybody else. As how I’ve admitted this back then in one of the journals we had to do for English, I’d still say he would be my savior for those crucial initial months of doomnation lol (savior, a second mother, and of many things now after four years lol :) ). And I Started to feel all good again until HE HAD TO LEAVE FOR UITM the next month or so. Gahh that was such a rip-off at that time. But after years and looking back at how things turned out to be, I’d say it didn’t turn out that bad, kan? :)

First day of UKM wasn’t that memorable. Fairly speakin, I couldn’t even remember what happened LOL. MMP was such a bore, although I did shed a few tears when I was alone, eventhough MMP was only held in Bangi which is like 10km away from my house LOL! But yea, that was alright. But I did meet with an awesome friend to-be on that day. Najwa J That part was memorable.

And after all that, it would bring us to the most recent ‘first day’ I had, which was yesterday, of my industrial training. As most of my friends should know by now, (although I did keep it at a low key considering the fact that I don’t think it would mean much to anybody else neway, it was only for two months), I’m now attached at the Diabetes Research Group of University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. Yes, I’m blogging from Ireland at the moment lol and yesterday was my first official day of my attachment.

Both of us were super nervous, Najwa and I. TOO nervous that we got up at 5am in the morning and started cooking nasi goreng hahaha! Kalau mak2 buat macam tu, I’d understand, but for Najwa and I? It was just pure nerves I tell you. By 7:50 we’re all ready for our day, grabbed my orange windbreaker, and stepped out of the residence halls. IT WAS FREAKIN’ COLD!

The halls to the faculty building only takes a 5 minute walk. But with the wind in our faces, it was the longest 5 minute walk in my whole entire life (im exaggerating, I know lol!). One thing about the place here, all doors are automated! And when we reached the automated circular-spinning-like door to the Molecular Biosciences building, we entered in straight away as it was spinning. And before it could give us an opening to the other side, it stopped moving. And we were trapped. At that moment, I swear I felt like one of my hamsters, biting its cage to get attention lol. Thank God the janitor saw us trapped, and she made it work again hahahahaha awesome start, no? :P

As punctual as we thought they were, and as we told they were, 7:50 should be the right time to start the day, but no. We were too damned early, and only at 8:30 did we start seeing cars coming in. Awesome. Do bear in mind though that at that particular time, we had NO IDEA who to meet first. So we were basically at the lobby, lingering, waiting for someone who seemed friendly and ask for their deputy head of department, which was a close friend of our head of department.

To cut things short, (although that’s rather impossible considering the fact that its already almost two pages long hahaha!), we managed to find our way to the research group, and masyaAllah, they are wonderful people! They really wanna help us you know, and thought us every single thing there is to know about! I felt so inspired really, to be part of this whole thing, with all the latest machines, this group of people and we gained a whole lot. I shall blog in detail about the research later, but as a wrap to this particular first day, although the beginning was rather rocky, the whole day turned out to be awesome. THE BEST FIRST DAY EVER.

After class, we decided to head to town, which took us a 14km journey to and fro, and mind u that it was raining. Yup, we were walking in the rain like nutcases, laughing here and there like how we always do hahaha but wtheck, if we’re to wait for the rain to stop over here, we wouldn’t be able to get out of the halls, and that defeats the purpose of comin’ here lol. We did get a couple of honks from passing by cars as well, just to say hello haha I do need gloves though, my hands tend to get numb easily :S

First days are always memorable someway, somehow, huh? :)

Ps: THE DUDES HERE ARE HOT!!! bahahaha happy wesak day people ;)


  1. Min!! Ur not too far away fr me!! Hee m enjoying ur post so later makesure u post sth yg best lg k? Wishing u the best of luck babe!! N do take care esp fr the weather xxx

  2. Lol, thanx Azwa!! I'll be visitin' london on my way back in July, perhaps if you and hadi are around, we could meet up or somethin' and haf a taste of awesome kebab lol :Db