Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holla to y'all gurls out there! ;)

So while we were running some samples with the glucose analyzer, Ojo, which is the phD student that we have to shadow, opened a pretty interesting topic. Well actually, perhaps it wasn’t him who brought it up, but more of me when I asked how he met his wife, lol.

Before I jump into the gist of his stories, I would just like to mention here that he would be one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met in my whole entire life. He did a double degree at two different universities, at the same time. One was in business and financial management, and another one was on biochemistry. Perhaps, some may not understand the weight of these two courses, I’m not quite sure about business and financial management myself, I’d like to think its quite hard as well with all the theories and calculations and stuff, but heck I had biochemistry for one semester, and that was like a pain in the ass, this dude took that for FOUR YEARS along side with another major course. I was AMAZED when he told me that. And I think he did get a first class degree on biochemistry.

Memang GENIUS LA.. no other word to describe it lol. After that, he continued his masters, and now he’s doing his phD. And you know how like certain people aka ME, yang tak syg Negara sgt ni kan, bukan main cari je opportunity untuk kerja or live some place else, this dude is the total opposite. Macam2 laa dia plan nak buat untuk Negara dia. He plans to collect all the chemical waste in this lab yang tak guna lagi, nak baawak balek pegi Nigeria to set up a lab of his own. He’s planning to set up courses and stuff for earlier exposure towards our field kat org Negara dia. He’s also the kind yang does charity all the time, and one of the important people in the local church I think. And theres a huge difference between org yang ckp besar, dgn org yang betul2 buat kan, this dude is definitely jenis yang betul2 buat. Memang amazing laa. I won’t be surprised if one day, he becomes one of the important ministers of Nigeria lol.

So anywho, we were talking about how he met his wife. I wish I could tell you the whole story, but that would end up me writing a novel, so lets not do that lol. If you’re interested to know, do ask me in person, and I’ll be glad to tell :D But newho, the highlights of it all, are the later tips that he gave us, and imma turn on my girl-power mode now, so y’all dudes just bear in there aite? ;P

Basically, apa dia nak ckp is that gurls have all the rights to jual mahal at this age. Tapi mahal2 pon, kene at a reasonable price la of course. Mahal sgt, tak terbeli plak kan.. lol. But u guys know what I mean. And I think I’ve mentioned in my previous post of how my dad told me that guys are usually in it for the chase? That’s another case. If you’re too easy, u’ll be boring. So be a wee bit hard to get. Trust me, us gurls deserve to be so, we haf A LOT to offer. When I say a lot, I do mean A LOT. Guys, they can’t live without us. Period. Can we live without guys? Err, of course! Hahaha life would be a wee bit dull la kot, but hey, we haf our other nafsus to keep us entertained haha an advantage of havin’ more than one ;) Kalau kite nak org respect us, we gotta set the bar, and we gotta believe that we are of the par we’ve set. You gotta play the game a bit. Jgn la macam org ajak keluar je, pegi.. Sometimes, its good to give out “No”s ;)

Next tip, is to have a waiting list haha. At the age of 22, its too risky to sent off potential candidates away just like that. If you see something you like, add to your cart. And once you have all your options, only will you evaluate and purchase the one that’s worth everything. Leave your door half open, and half close lol ;) But of course, the main point here is not what you have in your cart, but more of the criteria you have to be in your cart. And looks aint everything. Period. Nak mamat handsome? Berlambak weyy. Come to Ireland, on a Thursday night, go to one of their pubs/clubs and mmg ramai gilaa mamat handsome. Dah la drunk, they’ll do whatever it is you want lol. And bukan takat handsome, kaya pon ye. But, is that enough, girls? NO. lol. You gotta open your eyes, and see the guy for who he is, pass his good looks and ayat2 manis. Tu lagi satu. Jgn laa org tu ckp, “I love you”, “hey baby, ure beautiful”, terus fall for it. We want someone who’s responsible, genuine, who has intergrity, who thinks about the future. And when I mean future, I don’t mean future kawen dapat anak semua tu. Ini future, as in HIS future, what he wants in life, his purpose of living, his visions. Perhaps my nerdi-ness affects the criteria that I want in a guy hahaha but gurll, when you really look at it, u’d need some guy who’s serious at least about something!

Aside from who he is, you’d also be needing someone who is serious, ABOUT YOU. The one for you must be someone who appreciates you for who you are, and SHOWS that he does so. Shows that he loves and cares for you, that he is concern about u. Perhaps he has his own ways, perhaps his ways aint about saying I love you everyday, but more on other things ke, alaa, u can tell if that person really cares for you or not kan.. tapi he should show. If he doesn’t show, PANGKAH nama dia from your waiting list lol. Handsome ke, kaya ke, pandai ke, PANGKAH! Hahaha ;)

And of course, in the midst of all this, you have to also hold on to your beliefs. Let your faith guide you, let it be a huge part of this whole thing. Trust me, it’ll be of great help, and insyaAllah, you’ll get the best out of it. And when you haf faith to guide you, you won’t be fooled by the humane desires that might blindfold you. You’ll put Allah first, before anything else, and insyaAllah, that would make you see things clearly. This tip is more of a life livin tip rather than just how to choose the one, so yea ;)

Although we stayed till 8:30 pm at the lab yesterday, every bit of it was fun. Yesterday was fun. I’m thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to meet and learn from such a person.. Have an awesome Friday, tomorrow! ;)

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