Monday, May 9, 2011

Talking to the Moon - A Cover by me :D

A lil' wee bit outdated i suppose, but i've only heard the whole song today, and loved it right away! The best from Bruno Mars, in my opinion that is ;) And so i decided to make a cover, changed its arrangement a bit and made it a bit softer (only coz my voice is kinda.. soft lol). Newho, enjoy!

This would be dedicated to two people.
My sister for loving this song sooo much,
and Mr Cheesy haha ;)


  1. wow!! i love the way you are.. i mean the way you play the piano :P

    pfftt!!! u make me wanna buy a piano and learn!! tlg ajar bleh?? #serius #not kidding at all

  2. Lol, thats good to know that this was appreciated by someone :) Do learn! It ain't that hard, reallllyyy :D