Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Now its as if you're jogging with me, too :)

Starting line!!
hehehe this would be our Halls of Residence :)

A few meters after the starting line,
you'll see the large carpark,
and this particular view :)

This one is around the carpark as well

After the carpark,
we'll be joggin' down this road to a junction at the end.
You can actually see the end in this picture :)

On your way to that junction,
we'll pass by the Saad Centre where the labs are

At the junction, we'll jog to our right,
down this road till the roundabout.
A lot of rabbits here will greet us lol

Here's the roundabout,
we'll be takin' the 12 o'clock exit

We'll pass by the field at the back of the CMB building

More rabbits and humongous birds here

And for about another 700 meters,
we'll be arivin' back at where we started from.
Although, if we're to take a detour of the part behind
the residence of halls,
these views below is what you'll see :)

And voila!
We've completed one run :)
Thank you for your company!
I somehow needed it,
considering i can't really jog..

or i'll be in trouble haha! :P
but now, everyone in the world can join!
Whoopey!! hehehe :Db


  1. omg best nya kalau nak jog with that route! btw have u seen Temper Trap's love lost's VClip? maybe u shud add on the routine in your jogging as well! somehow the views u showed us reminds me of that vclip :)

  2. LOLOL!! I think if its autumn here, it'll look exactly like the scenery in the vclip kot.. Yea, i should add in the exercise moves as well huh tgh2 jog tu hahaha.. and love the song! Thnx for recommending :Db