Friday, May 27, 2011

~Wish i could be, part of that world

I was browsing thru my external hard disk after dinner just now considering i was in dire need of something to relax my mind with, and i found the most peculiar movie, a 22 year old like myself would choose to watch at times like these lol. Its a movie that involves a mad chef, a seagull who uses a fork to pull a hairdo, a crustacean conductor, a fat ugly octupus, a stubborn red head with fins, and a handsome, handsome prince. Oh and a bearded old man who rides a huge clam shell thats being pulled by dolphins lol. Ring any bells? Well yea, it was disney's The Little Mermaid. And after watching it for the first time after a decade perhaps, i began to see other parts of the movie that i didn't see when i was younger. Learnt quite a bit with it, too, and at the end of the movie, i've concluded that:

"Curiosity is nature's true limb"
- Yasmin 2011, lol :P

True, no? Think about it. Ariel, our little mermaid was 16, and she was basically risking her freedom, pushing herself beyond limits, went to forbidden places, made a reckless contract with a seawitch, putting her life on the line, sacrificed her lovely voice, why? For love? pfft. Gimme a break, bounce of your clouds and realise life ain't all rosy and just about that four letter word. Curiosity folks. She was soo curious to know how it is to be a human, she was curious to know how it feels. And she was soo damn curious about it that brought her to places. And when i realised this, it got me thinking and comparing, and realising how true the fact is, or at least, it is to me.

Lets go back to our baby days, and try our very best to recall the first step that we took with our own two feet. Seriously, why did we take that first step? Was it merely to have come naturally? Naturally or not, something always happens because someone wants it to happen, and i knew we did in those days, but why? Curiosity. If we weren't curious enough to try, we wouldve been crawling our whole lives away.

Ever heard of natural selection? The great migration? Have you ever wondered why it happened the way it did? Why the change? Curiosity for a better way of living. If nature was blunt enough to just remain the way it is, was not even bothered to find better ways, to genuinely adapt, they'd remain the same way as it is, static, and die.

And this applies logically and rationally to us as well, now that we're supposedly to be intellectual. Tak perlu la nak tgk jauh, why are you here, and reading my post, at this exact moment? To fill in the ample time that you have, true, but really, why MINE? Curiosity. If it ain't for curiosity, we'll be in beds, starin' at the ceiling the whole day, ada 1 kaki ke, 16 kaki ke.. huhu.

And here's the gist of the whole thing. See, ur curiosity not only moves you, its also proportional to the momentum of your movement. The more curios you are about a specific something, the larger the steps you'll be taking. You'll be able to reach heights where no one else has, you'll be able to swim into the depths of the oceans where no one has ever thought of going, heck, it made a mermaid turn into a human, what more can you say! (i know, mmg la cartoon, but still.. hahaha! :P).

There's a difference between someone who settles for moderate, and one who craves for more. Some say itu tamak namanya lol, but seriously, tamak ke for wanting to feel how it is to have more? Tamak ke for wanting to be curious to have more? I dont see the wrong in that at all. Its there for you to have, for you to experience anyway, why put it to waste? Its what you DO with it that sets the huge ethical difference, but wanting to have it? Nuthin' wrong with that, and thats just plain curiosity works right there.

Someone who works for more, gets to more places, only because he or she is curious of how it would feel to be at such a place or such a stage, while someone who's moderate, and who's content with where they are, will stay put at one spot for the rest of their lives. And hey, if you're happy that way, fine by my terms lol. But for those who dreams of making an impact, work on your curiosity. Keep wondering why and how towards everything that you see. Keep thinking of connections. You'll venture places you'll never even dream of venturing :)

And i got all this from The Little Mermaid. It was suppose to relax my mind, not put it to work.. Gahh.. I need sleep lol enjoy your weekends! ;)

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